Monday, January 25, 2010

"Where did you get cool new trainers?"

“About A Boy”

If I was a screenwriting god I would have written this movie. I never liked Hugh Grant, NEVER. I almost didn’t see this movie because he was in it. HELLO! That might have been the worst mistake of my life! Not only was Hugh Grant SUPREME in this movie it makes me open to see more of his movies. I won’t dread him any longer. He was so great. His character is a bachelor who has no life and no job and no ambition. He lives off his father’s royalties of a Christmas song everyone knows and loves. He finds the way to get easy woman is to pick them up at a Single Parent’s powwow. He ends up reluctantly making friends with a geeky kid with a suicidal mom! Who thought of that!? So this geeky kid is the most wonderful boy in the world! The best character possibly ever! The geeky kid changes the bachelor’s life for the better. Spectacular acting from Suicidal Mom, Hugh, Marcus the geeky kid, and Rachel Wiezs. One of the best movies ever and fully on the top of my favorites list. It’s twisted, hysterical, and full of ingenious, realistic life.

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