Monday, January 25, 2010

"Can't Hardly Wait" and "Clueless"

“Can’t Hardly Wait”

Can’t hardly use English good. Well, despite the appearance of Jennifer Love Hewitt this movie was a spectacular event! The whole thing took place at a party where we hang with our dear friend Preston (Ethan Embree who, thanks to this film, I’ll adore forever) who tries to tell Amanda (regretfully played by Hewitt) that he loves her while Seth Green tries to get his manhood and what’s her face just doesn’t want to be there but gets accidentally locked in a bathroom with Seth Green where they remember their past and end up doing the nasty. Which is hardly the point because we’re focusing on Preston and his angst! While Amanda’s ex-boyfriend regrets breaking up with her and this geek (brilliant character) tries to get back at Amanda’s jock ex-boyfriend for all the stunts he played on him. The geek gets sodden drunk and becomes instantly popular, ironically. The nerd’s the only one who comforts Mike Dexter (the jock) and just when you think they’re friends and Mike is an OK guy, he doesn’t let him sit by him when his friends are conscience. Everyone should see this, funny, funny movie. Besides Clueless it’s the best teen movie ever. (Note I said this before Mean Girls came out.)


Is this movie run into the ground? Maybe. Do we care? Hardly. Alicia Silverstone’s best role. The girl who played Dion was fabulous and no one could play her better. Brittney Murphey was kind of annoying but she was supposed to be. It’s Jane Austin’s Emma turned 1995. Cher finds love while being in the middle of everyone else’s love lives. This movie is funny and identifies with everyone who’s ever been to public high.  It's the smartest teen movie ever... or at least until Mean Girls.

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