Monday, January 25, 2010

"Be Cool"

More like “Try Harder.” Bad, BAD name for a movie. Just bad. Shameless! Unforgivable! Cursed! This movie was totally in my face. Critics agree it was a movie. It tried really hard to be a cool movie. Give up. Vince Vaughn was again funny. He’s a funny guy. But my favorite was The Rock. He played this guy who was gay and wanted to be an actor but was a body guard. When he did his “Bring it On” audition for John Travolta I thought I was going to laugh my brains out. But I had forgotten, earlier in the movie I puked them out. So, all in all, not that good. Mainly I think it’s because the characters were too “in my face” and forgot to be lovable. Also, there was a huge lack of plot. However, that Rock cracks me up. 

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