Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shawn the Sheep

Totally cute movie. My two yo loves it. I love the mad dog who keeps staring at people.


I don't usually like prequels, but I like this.


This was a well-made awful movie. What I mean is, it was beautiful, and horrible. The script read like a coherent mess. I've seen a lot of poorly written theater lately, and it was like that, except less slop-tastic.

Many of the scenes lasted about three lines too long. It was a little painful. I'd think, "Scene over" but it's continue with unnecessary dialog.

Oh for the love of Pete, somebody put Hook out of his misery! He's auditioning so hard for Indiana Jones; just tell him he doesn't get the part already! I didn't believe a word he said the entire movie.

Another aspect of amateur writing was apparent in the "witty" dialog that aught to have been cut, but wasn't cut because it was far too "witty." Are there no editors in Hollywood today?

And what's with the Moulin Rouging going on? Leave Teen Spirit alone! It doesn't make any sense why a bunch of pirates would be singing it! This isn't Moulin Rouge! You are not Bazz Luhrmann!

It had a lot going on and it was fun, but....