Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Black Cauldron

Talk about forgotten Disney movies.

This movie came out in 1985. It's animated, but unlike other animated Disney movies there's no singing. The score was written by Elmer Bernstein (who's name you aught to know.)

This movie supplies us with the most terrifying Disney villain ever. I know, we all love Maleficent and her curse words, but The Horned King is absolutely terrifying. His goal is to create a dead-ite army, (through the power of the black cauldron,) but he faces some major obstacles, namely a pig keeper (Taran,) a pig that can see the future (Hen Wen,) a princess (Eilonwy,) and bard (Fflewddur,) some shady witches, a little pond-fairy-thing (Doli,) and an oddly charming while horribly annoying little furry-fuzz-ball named Gurgi, (played by John Byner who also does the voice for Doli.)

The movie is based on a novel from the series The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander.

This movie had a wide capacity for failure, but thanks to Disney animators and sheer awesomeness, this movie is marvelous. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. It's really quite dark, but that's why we like it.

And take this moment to practice your Gurgi impersonation. It's a great party trick. Impress your friends! Try it today.


  1. its actually a terrible inbreeding of the first 2 books. that being said, the movie is awesome, and DOLI IS A FAIR FOLK!...whatever that is, its all welsh mythology, I've read the books like 10 times and theres still a lot that goes over my head. also, Taran is my hero, and dont even get me started on how Princess Eilonwy (who in may way performs some of the most important duties of a princess without having a country, and who, like many Disney Princesses, does more than her share of thinking/rescuing.) doesnt make the cut.

  2. Aw shoot. I should know Welsh mythology since I'm totally Welsh... among other things....