Monday, January 25, 2010

My Favorite Movie Genre...

... is zombie movies!

“28 Days Later”

I loved this movie. Animal Rights Activists release diseased monkeys with zombiesk infections. They bite one of the activists and 28 days later we’re in a hospital room with a man, Jim, who appears to be the only one left in the world until he comes to a church where he finds loads of dead bodies. He says hello in search of life but what he finds are zombies with red eyes who chase after him. He’s saved by two other people. A girl and a guy. The guy becomes a zombie and without much ado the girl, Celina, kills him violently. Jim and Celina find a dad and a daughter and they plan to make their way towards an army camp that has been on the radio, a rarity, and they voice that they have the cure. Well, the dad doesn’t make it. The others get to the camp and by this time Jim and Celina have fallen for each other and it’s happy cause they know there’s more to life than just staying alive. Well, our army folks don’t have a cure they’re just working on it and they’re horny. The broadcast was merely a device for them to find women. Upon hearing this Jim freaks out and tries to stop them. They take him out to the woods to kill him but he escapes. They think he’ll die on his own so they return to the girls who are about to take Valium so that they won’t care about being raped. Only the daughter gets one before Jim returns letting in some zombies who kill off everybody in the army place except the girls who are saved by Jim. At first Celina doesn’t know if he’s been turned into a zombie and she hesitates hacking him up. Which indicates that she cares more about him than mere survival. They reach a car to escape but there’s the main army man hiding in it. He’s mad at Jim for killing all his men and he shoots him in the stomach! Our daughter gets in the drivers seat, drives to a spot where she knows a zombie guy is, let’s the zombie guy take the army man, then she drives back, picks up her friends and drives away. 28 days later Jim is revised by the Celina. And they find a plain because not everyone in the world was infected and the zombies all starve to death. I loved the violence in this movie. The shear nonchalant violence. It’s beautiful. I love the transformation of Jim who goes from unconscious, helpless in a hospital to a ruthless killing machine of not zombies but evil men! Plus the zombie people are absolutely terrifying! I also love the realness, if I was the last person on Earth, that’s exactly what I’d do! If all this really happened, that is to say, that’s exactly what would happen. It’s very violent, gory, creepy, scary, and suspenseful. It was brilliant.

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