Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I'm crying, so the movie must be good."

Why do we think tears equal greatness? Why are there no comedies up for Academy Awards? Why aren't comedians up for Oscars? Getting people to laugh is much harder than getting people to cry. It's easy to get people to cry. Easy! EASY!
Plus, crying is not a great emotion. In this day and age I need no excuse to cry. I do, however, need more reasons to laugh. Comedies are doing the world a human service. Tear jerkers are just depressing us all! Maybe crap-sap film is the reason everyone's on Prozac.

And, as you can see, our need to see celebrities crying can be filled by these simple, 
hilarious, photos.

By the way, if you use the word "crap-sap" to define a crappy-sappy movie, you owe me a dollar. ;)


  1. Last night I discovered the calming effect of crying. I was reading Ally Condie's Matched and I started crying my eyes out. And a warm kind of peace came over me. Sometimes sadness helps us realize that we can handle the sad times when they happen to us. And it's okay to cry.

    So, I have a new found respect for sob-flicks.... But I still grow weary of crap-sap.

  2. Every time they try to make me cry I can't help but thinik, "that's all you got?"

  3. I try to remember that when I'm at a movie crying my brains out. Stupid sad movies.