Monday, January 25, 2010

"City of Angels"

Cry me a river. I did, in fact. Yeah, I cried at the end. What did you expect!? It was sad! Far too sad for my liking, so, I don’t like it. It was pointless. I like movies that get across their point, but this movie had no point. An angel falls to get the mortal woman he loves and then she dies but he’s like “Oh, I still like being a human, really.” Psh, sure buddy. This is another boring depressing movie. Who cares? What’s up with people trying to make us bored and depressed? Don’t they care? Do they really think we want to be bored and depressed? “Hey, I know what I’ll do! I’ll write a boring and depressing movie with two stars in it and everyone will come and see it but leave the theater thinking, ‘MAN! That was boring and depressing.’” Hot soundtrack though, especially Alanis Morsette’s “Uninvited.”

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