Friday, March 30, 2012

Speaking of Quotes

Here are some quotes from some movies. Name the movies and you win! Ready? Go!

1. "Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive."

2. "I will get my revenge in this life or in the next."

3. "That block was already messed up."

4. "Good philosophy! See good in bad!"

5. "You can't get out backwards. You have to go forward to go back."

6. "Mustard?! Don't let's be silly!"

7. "One plus one, plus two, plus one."

8. "She said you were the only one in this school with any intelligence."

9. "No. Living on the streets, that's terrible."

10. "It's someplace new...."

11."Peg, have you gone blind? Can't you see there's a vehicle in my driveway?"

12. "After careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park."

13. "Why are you so scary!?"

14. "I volunteer!"

15. "How's this for not making a big deal?"

16. "I'm kiiiiidding! I'm kiiiiidding!"

17. "You were always getting me into trouble! But then you were always there to get me out of trouble again."

18. "Then it wouldn't be forbidden."

19. "How would you describe her?" "Scary beyond all reason?"

20. "I'm going home to my mother! My mother needs me!"

Fill in the BLANK

Sometimes quotes get so popular that they're slyly quoted ALL THE TIME.

Do you know the original? Can you fill in the blanks? You will be graded.

1. "The first rule about __________, is you never talk about  ____________."

Okay. That's the only one I've got... but it's kind of the only one that matters.

Song Lyrics and Movie Titles

Ever get the feeling the movie you're watching had its title before it had its story or plot? Well, that's what movies named after songs are all about! But which one is the best? You pick.

My Girl
A coming of age story about, wait for a it, a young girl who, wait for it... grows up. To this date, I don't think there has ever been a sadder movie.

Uptown Girl
An heiress, Mrittany Burphy, loses all her money and has to be Fakota Danning's nanny. AHH! And now that song's stuck in my head!!! Is it just me, or does Jilly Boel not really sing like a "downtown boy?"

Pretty Woman
A young man decides to enlist with the Rebel Alliance in order to save the Galaxy.

Only the Lonely 
A... oh wait. I forgot what this movie was about. Was this the one with John Candy that I always get confused with this one? In that case, his life is controlled by an overbearing, manipulative mother.

One Fine Day
I'm not sure I've even seen this movie, and if I have then... it was very forgettable.

Something to Talk About
This movie was about some sort of affair that became everybody's business... or something.

Love Potion Number 9
Sandra Bullock, love potion, and three-way triangles.... What's not to like?

Drive Me Crazy
This is one of those 1990's films where the title has three words in it and has NOTHING to do with the movie. Sabrina the Teenage Witch goes to a dance with her childhood friend and, guess what? it turns out they like each other. Sorry, I spoiled the ending!

Fools Rush In
Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek rush in apparently. This is another one of those three-word-nonsense titles. "Fools Rush In" could describe a number of movies.

Big Girl's Don't Cry
Apparently this is a movie.

Great Balls of Fire
Does this look like the blog of a lady who's seen this movie?

Across the Universe
This could be the title of a movie about a young man who decides to enlist with the Rebel Alliance in order to save the Galaxy... but it's just a movie that has a bunch of Beetles songs in it.

The Last of the Mohicans
Fine. That's not a song. But it's still a good movie, and I bet you're glad I reminded you about it. Ah yeah, I'm thinking about that movie right now. Stay alive, readers. Stay alive. I will find you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

This or That

You asked Boonie, Boonie responded.

Thumbelina or Gentlemen Broncos
This is a hard one. It's been a real long time since I've seen Thumbelina. All I remember were those chickens singing that "Thumbelina" song in the beginning. That is a hilarious memory. Although, Gentlemen Broncos was boring and all over the place. I'm gonna go with Gentlemen Broncos, merely because if I had to watch one of those right now, I'd pick that one.

Land Before Time or All Dog's Go to Heaven
All Dog's Go to Heaven

Enchanted or Princess Bride
Princess Bride

Chicago or Moulin Rouge?
Moulin Rouge

Hunger Games or Twilight?
Hunger Games

Gone With The Wind or Anything Else
Gone With The Wind

Lord of the rings or Harry Potter?
I'd rather READ Harry Potter, and I'd rather WATCH LOTR. Sorry, that's just how it is.

Titanic or Avatar?
Ick. Both are crappy movies but I'll take Titanic because it was less sexual and less obnoxiously preachy.

The Dark Night or Spiderman 2?
I love both, but I'm going with Batman.

Godfather or Goodfellas?
Godfather (to be fair, I've never seen Goodfellas.)

Terminator or Matrix?

Kingkong (2005) or Rise of the planet of the Apes?
I haven't seen Rise, but King Kong was so boring!

Cinderellaman or The Fighter?
I haven't seen either. There's only so much I can take of someone being punched in the face.

Lion King or Toy Story?
Lion King was a better movie. Sorry, it's true!

300 or Troy?
I don't have a preference.

Star Wars or Schindler's List ?
Star Wars. 

Home Alone or Love Actually?
Love Actually, just because Home Alone was... you know, Home Alone.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

Unlike Hungry Hungry Hippos, which mentions hunger and is, in fact, a game, The Hunger Games, it should be noted, is based on a young ADULT novel. The themes are gruesome, and with just a tad less shaky-cam the movie would have been R rated.

The author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, helped write the screenplay. Which is always encouraged. However, the movie could have used more character connections, especially where Peeta was involved. Spoiler - We never got the moment where Katniss realized Peeta's love wasn't a strategy. And that was, in the book, a very moving part of the story.

Although, the movie really did follow the books almost to a T. Unlike the Harry Potter movies, and the Twilight movies, the acting was phenomenal on all accounts. I wasn't sure about Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, but, it turns out, he fit the role excellently.

A few nights before we saw The Hunger Games, we, my husband and I, re-watched Jack and Jill. Afterwards we had a discussion about Katie Holmes' acting, especially her acting in Batman Begins where she tries to act scared. She needs to study from Jennifer Lawrence; this Katniss has got it down.

Mostly I felt like I was watching the book, yet the problem with any book-made-movie is that when you read a book you LIVE it, and when you watch the movie... you watch it. It's two different experiences for the same story; one is generally always going to be better, and that is usually the book experience. You NEED to get The Hunger Games book experience and not live off of movie alone.

It's a fine movie, but a Hunger Games movie is almost unnecessary. I almost want it to be completely different. What I would like is if all we saw were what the districts and capital audiences saw and none of the background stuff. Let's see what's going on for the other tributes while they have their interviews, and deaths. Let's go for a completely different experience all together, since we cannot get the same experience from a movie that we do from a book.

All in all, I was not disappointed in the least, and if you're of strong constitution, you should see this movie. I loved their coal costumes, but we have GOT to do away with shaky-cam.

    Thursday, March 22, 2012

    Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, which Snow White movie is going to suck the least?

    It might be true; I might have blogged about these new Snow White movies before, but not like this - never like this.

    Shall we compare? I think we'd better.

    Snow White is played by...
    Mirror Mirror: Lily Collins (The Blind Side's Collins)
    Huntsman: Kristen Stewart (Twilight's Bella)
    Technically, Kristen Stewart is a bigger actress, so Huntsman takes the advantage here.

    Mirror Mirror: Julia Roberts
    Huntsman: Charlize Theron
    Mirror Mirror scores a point due to Julia Roberts' acting-largeness.

    Mirror Mirror: Not important
    Huntsman: Chris Hemsworth (Thor's Thor)
    Huntsman takes the lead.

    Previews for Mirror Mirror make the movie look like a bad Disney film from the 80's. Julia Roberts appears to be attempting a comedic performance, while the one line Lily Collins delivers is tired and cornball. And while I'm not sure what's come over Hollywood, or why they've jumped on some strange Snow White train, Snow White and the Huntsman seems to be a darker movie about witch craft, fighting, and... huntsmanery goodness. The most negative aspect of Snow White and the Huntsman, that I can tell, is that it's covered in Kristen Stewartness. Unless they've taught her how to have more than one emotion, or unless she somehow doesn't need to have more than one emotion... I'm thinking back to the animated Disney version and... I can only seem to recall two emotions, sinisterly happy and frightened. **Shrug** Maybe Kristen's up for the challenge.

    So, I'll go see Snow White and the Huntsman, but until my blog makes money, and people pay me to see movies, I'm not going to see Mirror Mirror. Heck no. I shan't even Red Box it. You shouldn't have to sit through that kind of crap unless you have kids under twelve.

    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    Disney's John Carter

    I was on my way to see 21 Jump Street but decided, last minute, to see John Carter instead because 21 Jump St, as it turns out, is rated R, and my general rule about R rated movies is that there will be something in it that will make me wish I didn't see it, no matter how awesome it is... not that 21 Jump St would have been awesome... moderately entertaining... perhaps.

    John Carter is a mash-up of an 80's Conan movie, Gladiator, Superman, and Somewhere In Time. It has Mark Strong in it, which is always nice. The premise is that Mr. Carter goes from 1800's Arizona to Mars. Because of his molecular density he has super powers, thus the Superman part, and he falls in love and saves the world from Mark Strong. Darn that Mark Strong!

    There's a lot of stars in this movie whom you're not going to recognize because they look like green monsters. The best character, however, came in the shape of a monster/dog thing called a Calot, (below.) This ones name is Woola, and it runs very fast... I want it.

    John Carter was played by Taylor Kitsch. He was in John Tucker Must Die, but he wasn't John Tucker... which I find weird. He was in Snakes on a Plane, which is important. He was in Wolverine as... someone forgettable. And we can look forward to not seeing him in Battleship. (As in, we won't see Battleship, not that we'll see it but not be able to see him or something!)

    It was an entertaining movie, and very family friendly. I threatened to take a nap at one point, but then the puppy came back on screen and I had to pay attention. Geez, thank goodness for puppies and Mark Strong, am I right?