Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Will Arnett Takes Over the World

Well, maybe not "the world" but he is certainly taking over Vince Vaughn. He's officially "The New Vince Vaughn," in my humble opinion. It's come to my attention that I love him in everything. Sure, he might be G.O.B. in everything, but you gotta play what works for you, and unlike Vince Vaughn, he can play the same role over and over and yet remain remarkably hilarious.

Here he is with wife Amy Poehler.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Lion King 3D

Adding 3D to old movies is stupid. (It just is, Lucas!) However, seeing The Lion King in theaters again is a treat. I avoid watching this movie because every time I watch it I cry AT LEAST once. But it's such a powerful and amazing story. It's so freakishly well done. However, I would not take my children to see it unless they were five, and even then.... It's scary, it's sad... it's very "adult," (but not in a "Hey there, how you doing?" way.) 

If every movie steals it's plot from one of 5 other stories, then The Lion King  is definitely Hamlet. You can't go wrong with Hamlet. You just can't.

Disney kindly inserted a number of songs in PERFECT areas of the movie to make the movie lighter and less anxiety-inducing. However, Elton John sucks, and most of the songs aren't OMG-I'm-dying good. Oh, they're catchy and stuff, but they're no "Court of Miracles," or "One Song," or "Just Around the River Bend," or even "Under the Sea!" They're just kind of lame, especially "Be Prepared." I was however de-freaking-lighted that they didn't include "The Morning Report," which can be found on a few Lion King DVDs, and I think the Broadway musical. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some of my Posts are too Negative!!!

So, instead of posting about how much I dislike Shia LaBeouf, (which I'm very tempted to post about,) I'm going to post about my favorite actresses.

Helena Bonham Carter
Favorite Role: Marla Singer from Fight Club
She brings so much to her roles; even small roles pop. She single-handedly saved Alice in Wonderland, and she was the perfect Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter.

Milla Jovovich
Favorite Role: Leeloo from The 5th Element
She seems to only do roles where she gets to kick @$$. What's not to like?

Amy Adams
Favorite Role: Giselle from Enchanted
While I hated her in Julie & Julia, I think she is so much fun. Anne Hathaway's White Queen was trying so hard to emulate Amy Adams's Giselle, but fell very short. The difference is that Amy Adams actually acts.

Rachel McAdams
Favorite Role: Regina George from Mean Girls
Rachel McAdams is a stud. She's interesting to watch, and doesn't have any stupid habits that some actresses have.

Olivia Wilde
Favorite Role: Quorra from Tron (even though Tron sucks.)
She's talented and decidedly interesting. She's also the newest edition to our list. Yay!

And that's it. Most other actresses annoy me. (Hey, I had to be negative somewhere in there!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favorite Star Wars Character

Because I ran out of Harry Potter quandaries, and because I haven't seen a movie in WEEKS, I haven't posted a lot lately. :( Sorry.

So, let's take a break from "what I think," and find out what the heck YOU think.

There's a lot of Star Wars talk going on, (I know at my house The Old Republic has been on the brain for the last few years!) so we're gonna participate, and you are gonna tell us all who your favorite Star Wars character is and why.

Is it Chewbacca, because he's a giant dog and you find that appealing in a man?

Is it Han Solo, because of, you know, dreamyness?

Is it Luke, because you're a 2 year old boy and have yet to discover Luke's lameness?

Is it Leia, because she's a lady like you, and the only other lady who speaks is Mon Mothma and she's too serious to hang out with?

Is it C-3PO, because you think you could melt down his golden body and buy a whole lot of candy with it?


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shrek, Shrek and More Shrek (kind of)

Puss in Boots Trailer

It's too cute! (In a good way.)

Summer Movie Season Has Ended... Thank Goodness!

Now let's get to the movies we WANT to see!

Incoming -

Ghostbusters III  (exact date unknown)
With all your old favorites and some HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE new ones like Anna Faris and Eliza Dushku!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Sea of Monsters (exact date unknown)

The Three Musketeers (October 21)
I know this is going to be horrible, but I'm gonna see it.

Puss in Boots (right) (November 4)

Breaking Dawn Part I (November 18)

The Muppets (November 23)

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (December 16)

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (February 17)


The Avengers (May 4th)

And coming next Summer -

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (below) (June 22)

The Dark Knight Rises (July 20)

The Bourne Legacy (August 3)

And after next Summer -

James Bond 23 (November 9)

Breaking Dawn Part II (November 6)

The Hobbit (December 14)

Sorry, other movies, but nobody cares! (Yes, I'm including you, GI Joe II and Clash of the Titans II.)

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Ordeal of Picking a Least Favorite Pirate of the Caribbean Movie.

Ever find yourself forcing yourself to choose a favorite something? "People always ask me what type of cake is my favorite so I have to decide NOW!"

Come on, don't tell me I'm the only one who forces herself to pick favorites! Fine. I'm the only one. Well, sometimes it's easy to pick a favorite. Watch - 

Ahem. My favorite Pirate of the Caribbean movie is Curse of the Black Pearl. Tada! Easy breezy! 

BUT, it's not always so easy to pick a LEAST favorite. That, my friends, is today's purpose: to pick a least favorite Pirate of the Caribbean movie. 

(Sao Feng (Chow Yun-Fat - right/below) says, "I had a lot of media coverage, but I was hardly in this movie! Suckers!")

Now, narrowing the choices down is, at least, very simple. We know that Curse of the Black Pearl is not our least favorite, because it is our favorite. And On Stranger Tides, while dull in places, is also not our least favorite. It's just not. (Sometimes you just know.) Which leaves us with the dreaded Dead Man's Chest and At World's End. *Shudder*

Hmm... this is hard. Let's make a list of pros and cons... or maybe just cons.

Dead Man's Chest (or, Pirates of the Caribbean II.)
Cons -
Too much Davy Jones business! ACK! Grody! 
Tooooooo pretentious! From the very beginning the movie has us rolling our eyes and exclaiming, "OH come on!" Oh boo hoo! The writing is so bad, SO BAD! It makes me cry... no seriously, I wept. 
Stop talking about the rum being gone. Stop talking about the effing sea turtles. Stop talking about EVERY funny part in the first one and make a new joke. Try that!
Prons, er, Pros -
It's inventive at times. It's entertaining. It has interesting characters like the disheveled Commodore Norrington. Yet all this business between Elizabeth and Jack is just... well, dumb. Uck, let's move on.

At World's End
Cons - 
20 minute scene of Jack in "Davy Jones's Locker." Wake me when it's over! (Or let me sleep, either one.)
The movie ends and I think, "What happened during that film? I honestly can't recall." (Yes, I really do say "recall.") All the Calipso business is ridiculous, not to mention all that other business. These movies have far too much going on!
Pros -
Oh forget it.

In short, I hate both these dumb movies, but I insist on having a hierarchy! So... I'm going to pick At World's End as my least favorite. I hate the ending so much, SO MUCH!

I invite you to pick your least favorite Pirate of the Caribbean movie.
Here's the part where I apologize for not watching better movies, and for bringing Pirates of the Caribbean up so often. Also, if this post inspires you to watch the movies again, I'm very, very sorry.

(OH! And for those of you who wonder, that is Johnny Depp making those "Eh, ah, erg," noises in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game.)