Sunday, July 3, 2016

Batman vs Superman

If you thoughtMan of Steel started slow, then prepare yourself. Deep breaths. In fact, I'm not sure this movie ever got going at all. It's a preparatory movie, getting us ready for individual movies like the up coming Wonder Woman.

And yeah, oh course Wonder Woman was the most interesting part of this movie, and way undervalued.

What got me about this movie was its lack of character. Batman had zero personality. Superman was only interesting because Henry Cavil is. Alfred was interesting only because Jeremy Irons is. There was little imagination. Little creativity. Leaves a blogger little to write.

Every Batman movie worth its salt includes a lovely flashback to the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, and it always includes Martha's pearls breaking. But this movie over does it and it's ridiculous. You know they're proud of it because they keep showing it. Ugjfjdjtn.

Lex Luthor was channeling the Joker, so much so that when he was acting particularly Jokery my 3 year old son pointed at him and yelled, "Joker!"

Was I the only one not afraid of Doomsday? And like Superman would really kill Batman in order to save his mom. He let his dad die to save his secret identity!

I appreciate someone finally pointed out that Bruce and Clark's moms have the same name. Like Martha's the only name a mom can have. Come on!