Monday, January 25, 2010

“Spider-man 2” & "Seabiscuit"

How could a Spider-man movie outdo the first one? Like this! Spider-man, much better at a-web slingin’ now is all liking Mary-Jane as usual. She’s in a play and he’s late and can’t get in and what-not. He’s late because he’s saving the city stupid! And she knows he likes her and she somewhat suspects him of being Spider-man ‘cause if her astronaught fiance isn’t then who is? Anyway, and Spider-man has a crappie job and is doing crappy at school and Harry’s mad at him and life’s not going too neat. Meanwhile Octavious invents and his arms gain control over his good-will seeking mind and he gets all greedy and robbing banksy. Peter Parker decides to quit being Spider-man seconds before he is desperately needed. Then he returns to being Spider-man and saves the day but the girl’s about to marry his boss’s son! Then she doesn’t. She also finds out he’s Spider-man while he’s rescuing her. This movie was fan-freaking-tastic. It had everything. It was a big comedy a bit romantic and a bit action packed. It was like Spider-man the comedy. Which is great because life is funny. A. Kirsten Dunst annoys me to death. Tobey McGuire was again fabulous.


Is that me caring about horse race? Can’t be. But it is! If Seabiscuit can make me care so much about something I’d be dead bored at in real life then it deserves a sweet grade on my list. Seabiscuit was the name of the horse and the horse was the American way. You wanted that stupid horse to win! You couldn’t help it! Well, maybe you could if you were a communist. B. It gets a B because now I never, ever need to see it again. Tobey McGuire did a marvelous job. I can’t remember if anyone else famous was in it. What’s the horses real name? Good horse.

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