Friday, August 21, 2015

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny

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In a post I posted here a few years back, I went off about how awkward Ginny Weasley is. What bothers me the most is that it feels like JK Rowling changed her entire character after Book 2. Then the actress who was cast as the shy girl in Book 2, suddenly has to be an entirely different person, and the result is awkward.

However, in my blog I went off about how awkward she looked and even though I didn't write this, I thought, "she's not pretty enough in this movie." And I posted a butt-load of pictures of the actress, Bonnie Wright, looking prettier than she did in the movies.

That was stupid of me. Ginny was never written as a breathtaking beauty. I've only been accustomed to seeing super models in movies, and was thrown when a lead male was attracted to someone who was not a stereotypical drop-dead gorgeous woman, whose only personality was being female.

All that aside, how did Ginny shed her entire personality and trade in for a new one? Honestly. How did she do that?

UPDATE: I just watched Goblet of Fire, and Half-Blood Prince again, paying specific attention to our friend, Bonnie Wright. The problem with Ginny is the follows: awkward writing, (no doubt on purpose,) and, I'm sorry, but Bonnie Wright did not know how to do the role justice. She comes closest in Half-Blood Prince when Ron unwraps dress robes given to him by his mom, thinks they're Ginny's and tries to pass them off to her. Ginny's response, "I'm not wearing that. It's ghastly." Well done Bonnie. But everything else... doesn't fit with how Ginny would have actually delivered these lines.

Bonnie was cast to play a shy Ginny. She excelled at that. But she wasn't ready to portray a more relaxed and comfortable character, or the one Ginny becomes by Half-Blood Prince.