Monday, January 25, 2010

The Death of Bill and Daryl Hannah's other eye.

“Kill Bill Volume 2”

In this volume, The Bride is still working on her list. Uma doesn’t do as much in this one. For instance, Daryl creams off one of The Bride’s soon-to-be victims for her. Why? Because she wants his sword and doesn’t want to pay for it. She does blame his death on The Bride. Oh, we find out her name in this one, Kiddo. Weird huh? But that’s Quinton for you. Anyway, Kiddo removes the other eye of Daryl's and not just removes but squishes it between her toes so as she couldn’t reuse it like in, “Minority Report.” Ewe. So anyway, you think Kiddo’s kid is dead and you wonder if Kiddo’s gonna actually go through with it and kill Bill. Especially after you see that Kiddo’s daughter is alive and living happily with Bill. Well, she kills him… sort of. She was taught this trick by this guy, (who also taught her things that prepared her to get out of being buried alive earlier, [as in she had to dig her way out,])he taught her how to pull out eyes, and he even taught her this special move where you use a pressure point and then the person takes five steps then dies. Well, Bill doesn’t think she knows this trick and is rather amazed when she uses it on him. Then, knowing what would happen, he gets up and walks away. Sure enough, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, he’s dead. This movie wasn’t as violent and freaky as the first one. But you have to find out what happens to Kiddo. Not to mention what her name is. It satisfies all the things they didn’t show you in the first volume, like what the wedding massacre looked like. Thanks! (And I’m not being sarcastic.)

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