Sunday, December 5, 2010

Disney Heroines Wearing Blue

In my Tangled post I mention that every heroine wears a blue dress. This isn't true for Rapunzel, Jane, Nala, Meg, Pocahontas, Maid Marian, and... I don't know. Is that it?

Here, let me show you-

Ariel wears 2 blue gowns:

Aurora's dress is sometimes blue and sometimes pink:
Belle wears her blue dress for most of the movie. You can't fulfill your dreams in that gold thing!

Cinderella's ball gown is such a light shade it often looks white:
Esmeralda's bodice is kind of blue... shut up. We're counting it.

Jasmin wears pants, but they're blue:
 Mulan kicks hand in her blue dress:

Snow White's dress is mostly yellow, but you gotta admit there's a lot of blue:
Tiana's dress is a whole heck of a lot like Cinderella's... but that might be the point.
Remember Atlantis? I don't. But whatever her name is, she's wearing blue.
Alice wears blue the whole time, as does her friend Wendy (who are both played by Kathryn Beaumont.) {Ever realize how alike Alice and Belle dress?}

Now, I haven't seen The Black Cauldron in a long time, but look at how blue her dress is! (Well, look at how blue the top of her dress is... it's the same story with Esmeralda and Snow White.)

The question is, who's blue dress is your favorite?


  1. I gotta go with Aurora. Disney usually puts her in pink, though, because disney-illiterate adults see blue and think Cinderella (although, in the movie, her dress was more silver-y).

  2. I'm voting for Belle, since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time. Close second? Cinderella.

  3. haha, Princess Eilonwy and Ariel are tied!
    tho I do find Evil Jasmine (in Red) MUCH hotter than blue/good Jasmine.
    then again, I hate blue.

  4. You know I've always been a Cinderella fan, and I think it was partially because of how much I love her dress. But I'm also a big fan of the Alice look.