Tuesday, August 20, 2013


More like, Admit-tion, as in, "I admit I hate this movie."


#1. Predictability
#2. Boringability
#3. Poor character developmentability
#4. Poor characters... ability.
#5. Stupid
#6. (Kind of goes along with #5.) Dumb.
#7. Who cares?
#8. Tricksy! Just because it has Tina Fey in it, doesn't mean it's going to be funny! AT ALL!
#9. How come only some of these reasons have periods at the ends?
#10. You know I can never think of a last reason. There's too much pressure!

Don't even bother Red Boxing this movie. If you see it on TV, or on Netflix, just keep scrolling by. It's that boring.

It was kind of funny that her ex boyfriend always popped up during the worst moments of her life. But only a kind of, "Hm," funny. Not like an, "Oh my gosh. That's the funniest thing," funny.

Tina Fey is a... wait for it... ADMISSIONS officer at Princeton. Paul Rudd is like, "Hey, this kid at the school I teach at is super special, even though he got really bad grades. Oh, and he's the son you put up for adoption 15 years ago." WHAT THE WHAT!? So then Lily Tomlin comes in for a role that is SO beneath her, and is like, "I'm a hippie-mom. What about it?" NOTHING about it, apparently. Then Pauly is like, "Let's make with the smoochies!" and she's like, "What? No. Well, okay. What? Let's never do that again. Oh, wait, let's do it again right now. Oh wait, you're nuts. Let's not do this - well.... Okay let's do it." Then it ends with her childless, and jobless, but at least she's got this guy she's been avoiding the entire movie. So... yay?