Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Men First Class

1. It's a prequel and what do we say about prequels? They suck. (Naturally there are exceptions.)
2. The girl who'll play Katniss in Hunger Games, (Jennifer Lawrence,) played the lamest Mystique ever. What a helpless child!
3. ENOUGH with the strip clubs already! Is this X-Men or Transporter II? (Not that Transporter II isn't the greatest movie ever.)
4. Remember that scene in the first X-men, where young Erik is trying to get to his mom in the concentration camp, and he pulls the gate towards him? Well, we get to see that scene again, but re-shot. And... it's a whole lot worse this time. The acting is worse. The cinematography is worse.... And I sat there and thought, "Oh, this is not a good sign." (To be fair, I thought the PREVIEWS were not good signs, so maybe my displeasure with the movie is my own little self-fulfilled prophesy....)

5. I just don't like James McAvoy (Xavier.) I got very sick of him holding his finger up to his forehead every time he was using his powers. ("Dooouuuhhhh, uhh, thanks. I couldn't have figured out that you weren't actually speaking out loud just then.") I thought Xavier should have been like a young Dumbledore, in a way. (The book Dumbledore, not the scary movie one.) Very smart, all knowing, wise, yet with a witty-cool sense of humor. From McAvoy's performance I was left thinking he stuck his nose where it didn't belong and was kind of mean. Poor blue Mystique.
6. January Jones' Emma Frost was borderline unbearable. The meaning of her lines got swept away due to her inaptitude when it came to communicating (which is just another word for ACTING.)
7. Prequel humor. "Oh! That's funny because he's going to be a professor soon!" "Oh that's funny because he's going to be bald." "Oh get it! 'Cause that's what Mystique will look like when she's older!" (I admit, I laughed at Wolverine's cameo, but strictly because this movie was in dire need of more Hugh Jackman. (Don't make me watch Real Steel instead, 'cause I will!)

1. Michael Fassbender (Erik/Magneto) is awesome.
2. Kevin Bacon! Now I can get him to Rachel McAdams in 2 steps! (Plus, he was fascinating in this.)
3. "Hey Britney, give us a song then!" That's right, our favorite little outcast from About a Boy, (Marcus, aka, Nicholas Hoult,) is back in Beast form. Growing up agrees with our little singer. (And now look how much easier it is to get Kevin Bacon to Hugh Grant and Toni Collette!)

This movie's plot was effortlessly simplistic, so they stuffed it full of fluff. Boonie no like fluff. But, you're an X-Men fan, so you're going to either watch it in the theaters or rent it, which you should do. You should see it. You might even own it, but it's no X2.


  1. Still better by about a thousand times to X-men 3. Not even funny how much better it is.

    Sweetie I like James McAvoy as professor X, he is a good actor.

  2. I thought adult X(the "I'm touching my brain" apart) and Magneto were fun together. child x is ok, child M is the worst. hated beast. really thought havok was ryan gosling. the parts with the team playing like party of 5 were annoying, wolverine part was the best, I liked mystique, in both forms, but i didnt like the direction they took her in and it was sad for a knowitall, x didnt get she loved him. mctaggert was somewhat blah, which works with her britishness, except shes cia? ah january jones. I dislike her as betty draper, I never thought emma frost/mrs summers the 3rd (on the most annoying summers bro side, hate you scott)was particularly cute, in this movie, hooray! too bad i dislike her char in the movie. the part that they stopped the CMC is annoying but still better than all other direct xmen plots combined (havent seen wolvies movie yet). sebastian shaw was annoying as always, but I think bacon had fun with it. the part where x is paralyzed was prob the onl well written part

    and that was a bit ramble-y...

  3. I like ramble-y. And I agree that it was poorly written, and most of my complains lead to that all-encompassing declaration. I was complaining about the movie to Carl and he said, "It was poorly written." I had to laugh that that's not what I said. He put it so simply! Not like us ramblers.