Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Wonder That is Ginny Weasley

Everyone's talking about Pottermore, so I'm going to talk about Ginny Weasley.

While reading the series I thought, "Wait, wait, wait, when did Ginny go from the shy girl who'd hide every time she saw Harry to this kick-hand Quidditch player, bat-boogey hexer, and popular boy-magnet/love of Harry's life?"

In the later books she seems to be Lilly Potter re-born. When does this happen? It's magic.

And another thing, why do the movies make Ginny look so plain? Bonnie Wright is not that plain.
I have proof. -->

Maybe it's her acting. Every time there's a love scene between her and Harry, I want to excuse myself just so I don't have to be SO UNCOMFORTABLE and AWKWARD!

Won't somebody please help us!? Anybody!? Oh the awkwardness!!!!

OK - Here's an edit. I agree with Jamie in the comments; the magazine cover is not that great of a photo to show you what I mean, because she's obviously very made-up. Here's another photo of her where she's not so made-up, and she's not so plain-Jane either.

Not convinced??? Here's some more.

So why are all of those pictures gorgeous, yet in the movie she's just awkward-sauce?

UPDATE: No. I'll have to make another post for this update. See this.


  1. I agree on the plain argument AND on the awkward argument. PS, I think it took a LOT of makeup to make that magazine cover happen.

  2. So, I just think she looks like a little kid. She always looks 12 to me. (not literally 12, but that age range)