Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kung Fu Panda II

I wish I knew the cast before going in, because the cast is the best part about these new animated movies. They hire billions of stars and stuff the cast full of A-listers because they can literally phone in their performances.

Anyway, here's the cast. Memorize it so you can amaze your 2 year olds when you take them to see it.

Po (the panda) - Jack Black (but that you know already)
Tigress (the tiger) - Angelina Jolie (you knew that too)
Shifu (the chinchilla??) - Dustin Hoffman
Shen (the evil peacock) - Gary Oldman (who is in everything, but should be in even more stuff!)
Monkey - Jackie Chan (who else could do Monkey's awesome stunts?)
Mantis - Seth Rogen (Green Hornet)
Viper - Lucy Liu
Crane - David Cross (TOBIAS!)
Soothesayer - Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)
Master Croc - Jean Claude Van Damme
Master Ox - Dennis Haysbert (President Palmer![The Allstate guy.])

Yeah, I get way too excited about crap like this. However, the middle-aged men behind me in the theater were acting like this matinee was the midnight premier of Harry Potter. They knew all the character's names, (which they shouted, often.) And would cheer violently whenever something "awesome" happened. I began to wonder if these men had any children with them or if they were just hard-core Dreamworks fans. "Kung Fu Panda's coming out! I'm gonna round up my drinking buddies and go see the earliest showing available!"

Every time I see Viper, I think, "AHH! Snake!" then I think, "Oh yeah. She's part of their gang," then I think, "How can they stand running around with a snake all the time?" then the snake goes down the back of Po and I think, "Eeeeeeegk."

Oh, right, the movie. I guess I can talk about that. Um. It was okay. I kinda feel towards it about the same I feel towards the first one. They were both okay. I like them. I like them both.

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  1. I liked the movie. not hugely memorable, but a good laugh. no best of here, but solid B/B+I wish I'd seen it with Lenna (my sis). very her. the one liners in it were fanFREAKINGtastic, and somewhat memorable/predictable but in good ways. I don't even like jack black that much, but this was a fun if ridiculously dark (genocide/ethnic cleansing) movie. odd thing tho, did you notice the standard movie plot of issue, fun/adventure plot, low point, redemption is oddly repeated a few times in this movie? well done but surprising. also the suspension of belief was harder to follow in this one, and the different animation styles were annoying (the flashbacks). also they have weird definitions of good/bad animals. viper=ok (?) but peacock not? there were some odd calls there. the beginning parts with the peacocks and cog movement was well done tho.