Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Time For My Favorite Movie Game!!!! **Applause**

Is it 6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon? No. Although that's a good one.

Is it Guess the Name of the Movie the Preview is for? Close.


Who'd Play Bella Better? **Applause**

Tonight's contestants -

Contestant number one is an obnoxiously beautiful Brit who's both more charming and more talented (you have to give her that) than Kristen Stewart. I give you... Keira Knightly! Biggest draw backs - she's very well known. Perhaps they wanted Bella to be a little more unknown (and cheaper.) Also, she's 26, while Kristen Stewart is more "age appropriate." But since when did Hollywood start caring about that?

Contestant number two is a bright new extremely talented actress who brought Tron up from "dreadful" to "watchable." I give you... Olivia Wilde! Sure, she was born 6 years before Kristen Stewart, but are we really going to let that bother us? Really? During the casting of Twilight she was more affordable than Keira Knightly, and was probably even more affordable than Kristen Stewart.... Which is just sad. (Look for her in the up coming Cowboys and Aliens, along with Harrison Ford and our favorite Bond.)

So what does Kristen Stewart have going for her? Well, I'll give her one thing, she certainly has the "girl next door" look down. (Shut up, I mean that in a nice way!)

So here's the part where you give me more contestants and I put them up. Ready.... go.

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