Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Harry Potter Quandaries

If you follow me on Twitter, shut up. I'm posting it here too.

I'm rereading all the Harry Potters before the last one comes out. I used to read them frequently but after the seventh, and most horrible, I completely lost interest. However, the first half of the seventh movie actually wasn't so bad, so... idk, I'm reading them again.

So, reading them back to back answers a lot of questions, but I find myself asking more questions as well. Aaaaaaaaaand here they are -

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book 4) - Why doesn't Dumbledore grab hold of the Triwizard Cup/Portkey, travel to the graveyard, and kick Voldemort's butt the second Harry gets back?

And also if the Dark Mark appears on Death Eater's arms, why doesn't the ministry insist everyone wear short sleeves? Or at least LOOK there! It's true that sometimes the Dark Marks are not visible, but insisting all wizards wear short sleeves would solve this little problem! "Uh, Mr. Fudge, Lucius Malfoy is a Death Eater." "How do you know?" "Because he has a tattoo of the DARK MARK on his ARM! Doi!"

And really, why isn't veritaserum (truth potion) used constantly!? (Every time they mention it I think of Wonder Woman.) Sure, veritaserum might be unethical, but are we worried about human rights in the face of Lord Voldemort? (And does anyone else think his name sounds more like a puppy than a twisted dark lord? "Who's a good Voldemort?")

And now a quote from 30 Rock's Twofer - "What I don't get about Quidditch, is if the snitch is 150 points, then why do people even bother with the quaffle?" So true, Twofer. So true.

By the way, I found a link to Unicycle Quidditch rules. I bet you could play it with roller blades....
I love the diagram of how to make a quaffle! This would be especially fun for a class that read Harry Potter, unfortunately, I think it's banned in schools for witchcraft. *sigh* Oh brother.

And here's a link to a fun Harry Potter online store. I love that there are "wands" and "toy wands." OMG, nerds!

And to end, some Potter Puppet Pals -


  1. Boonie- use of the veritaserum and requiring everyone to wear short sleeves would violate their civil rights, which would make us just as bad as the mass-murdering death eaters, apparently.

  2. Thank you, Ozriel. Darn those civil rights! ;)

  3. - portkeys don't work that way
    - there are "ex death eaters" who gave info or whatever( ie. durmstrang's headmaster) and Moalfoy is a none fellon, but he dumps money into the ministry
    -I already answered your quidditch question before...
    -I do feel that the ministry could ask people who claimed to have been under the imperius curse if they would allow the use of veritablabla....but in most children's books, the adult operated authorities fail to be logical.

  4. Thanks Daniel,
    Voldemort probably would have disapparated right after Harry left.
    Karkaroff and Malfoy are ex-death eaters, along with Snape, and everyone knows it, but if Voldemort was running around it would sure be easier to discover if someone's on his side if everyone wore short sleeves.

    Here's another question - If disarming someone causes their wand to go to the disarmer, wouldn't everyone's wands belong to someone else? I mean, how often are people disarmed in the series? All the time!!