Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern

If your first thought is, "Why isn't Ryan Reynolds black?" then you're not alone. When The Green Lantern first hit comic book shelves in 1940, his secret identity was Alan Scott. In 1959 The Green Lantern was recreated and this time the alias was test pilot Hal Jordan (played by Ryan Reynolds in the film.) Other alias's wore the ring including, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. The film's Green Lantern isn't black probably because he's not John Stewart, (the Green Lantern of the recent animated TV show, The Justice League.) But just between you and me, I prefer a black Green Lantern and I'll tell you why, I watched a documentary about DC comic books, (mostly for the Batman bits,) which explained that The Justice League chose to choose a black Green Lantern due to the fact that the first Green Lantern was a bit racist, and this would help make up for that, or at least offer an apology. I also knew a guy once who was so proud to have a black superhero, and now they have kind of taken that away from him. At least there's still Storm, the movie version of Nick Fury, and Blade, and a few others.

Anyway, now we know why Ryan Reynolds is so gosh-darn white.

I was deranged throughout the first half of the movie trying to place the actor playing Sinestro. Then it clicked; that purple faced mustache man is Mark Strong, from Sherlock Holmes and Stardust! (Spoiler! If "Sinestro" sounds like a villain's name, not a good-guy's name, it's because later he becomes the Green Lantern's arch-nemsesis.

But this movie is just another awesome example of why 3D is destroying the world. The movie sported excellent costumes and ridiculous effects that were amazing enough. But while the film was fun, it gave us shadows of what should have been character development, while punching us in the face with talk about "will vs fear." It's enough to make one stand up and shout, "Enough already!" (Not that I did. But if I had a ring like that I'd have used it to make the Green Lanterns shut their core-holes.)

When all's said and done, it's a decent film, but not as nearly enjoyable as Thor. I'd put it in the box with The Hulk. Oh, don't go saying I'm racist against green superheroes, although... The Green Hornet doesn't even get a box.


  1. to be fair, Guy Gardner is by far the greatest green lantern ever. he can wield 2 different coloured rings, keep his sanity and still brawl like a boss. even if batman knocked him out with just one punch.
    and I never liked John stewart. there were better heroes and better black heroes than him already. and to be fair, hal jordan aka silver age green lantern (along with silver age flash/barry allen) is one of the greatest and most popular heroes in all of comics history, and the fight b/t him and sinestro is one of the most classic tales ever. its ranks right up there with batmans parents being shot. of course they went with this plot. tho I suspected the same shortfalls in this movie. tho I was hoping it would have come off as a better picture as a whole. oh well. the other problem is that ryan reynolds does look a lot like hal jordan, he doesnt act like him at all. ryan is more of a kyle rayner when hes being funny. also, sinestro, with his little moustache has always reminded me of an uptight british fencer, just fyi. I still plan to see it.

  2. Boon I am impressed you had the tenacity to sit through this thing. To say that I am Not. Interested. is an overwhelming understatement. DC is just making the world's suckiest comic book movies lately (by lately I mean the last 20 years, unless you count anything directed by Chris Nolan).

  3. It's so true, GoletaGlenns!

  4. oh, I forgot to mention, Nick Fury is a White Guy! only Ultimate Nick Fury is Black. Idk whats up with that, tho.

  5. AND that guy playing the Green Lantern looks like Ben Stiller. I just can't take him seriously.