Thursday, June 16, 2011

So Bad It's Good?

You know the movies that suck so hard that they're awesome? I'm sure you do. Here's a few -

Perhaps the greatest anti-smoking movie since The Insider, XXX stars Vin Diessel, and Samuel L. Jackson. Vin Diessel's character, Xander Cage, could have been borrowed from Mortal Kombat, (one of the first awesomely terrible movies.) Xander Cage goes around saying awesomely stupid things like, "Welcome to the Xander Zone," and for this alone, we love this movie, but this movie is full of terrific terribleness.

The Transporter II (I strongly recommend this one over the other Transporters.)
One of my favorite wretched movies, this movie brings new meaning to the phrase, "sexism." Yet it's so obvious and ridiculous that it adds to the delightful dump that is this movie. Jason Statham plays... wait for it... the transporter, Frank, who drives like a crazy genius, and fights like Jackie Chan. (Ahh, the days before shakey cam.)

The Scorpion King
Prequel to The Mummy, this movie stars The Rock and follows the exact same story line as The Prince of Persia, (except The Scorpion King came first.)

Deep Blue Sea  (Click here for the - Best Part.)
This movie, starring Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, and Thomas Jane (Lindsay F√ľnke: "Can I buy you a drink?" Thomas Jane: "Thanks, but no. I'm Thomas Jane.") is ridiculous. Scientifically mutated "smart sharks" lay siege to their underwater facility, much to our enjoyment.

Mortal Kombat
Remember when Robin Shou was in everything? Remember when Bridgette Wilson was in everything? This movie is brilliant, from the one liners, to the impending doom... love it.

Anaconda II: Anacondas the Hunt for the Blood Orchid
This movie is Star Wars, but instead of droids and the Force, you get a lot of yelling and giant snakes.

I might add more later.


  1. I liked prince of persia. but never played the games.

  2. I tried to watch Scorpion King 2, but unfortunately that movie is just so bad it is awful! Thank heaven for Netflix Streaming!

    AND Why haven't they made a Smart Sharks 2??? In a world where we have had THREE Alvin and the Chipmunks movies forced upon us that NO ONE has asked for, why have we not been given Smart Sharks 2?!?!?!?

  3. Yeah!! How come we get The Smurfs, but not Smart Sharks 2?! Are there no more rappers willing to do horror flicks?

    And I couldn't make it through Scorpion King 2, either. It's not the good kind of bad, unfortunately. :(