Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Halloween Movies

We all know which Halloween movie (takes place on Halloween) is going to win, because it's awesome, but here are some others anyway.

This movie is very meh. Nobodies favorite scary movie is Halloween. I mean, come on.

Hocus Pocus
One of the cheesiest movies ever created, this movie follows a boy who has trouble fitting in at school, (the kids make fun of him because he's from California.... Yeah, surfer guys are lame.... o_0) He and his sister get all mixed up with some witches that have accidentally woken up from a very long nap, which was probably brought on by watching this movie.

Sleepy Hallow
Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, and Washington Irvine's short story, both take place on Halloween, so we're going to call both of these movies Halloween movies. Sleepy Hallow is a movie LOOSELY BASED on the short story, while the Disney version is a whole heck-of-a-lot like the short story. If you're going for accuracy, and if you like being completely creeped-out by cartoons, then watch the Disney short. If you're into beautiful creepy movies with more head-chopping action than you can shake a bag full of heads at, then watch Sleepy Hallow.

And finally, the winner -
The Nightmare Before Christmas
This movie starts on Halloween and ends on Christmas, so it can be categorized as either a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. This works great for us Nightmare fans that love both holidays. We so relate, Jack.


  1. I think you are missing some movies. but of these 5, sleepy hollow (disney) is consistently good, and I recall hocus pocus being good fun

  2. tbf, I've only not seen halloween on this list.
    a great fall but not halloween move is something wicked this way comes

  3. I have seen all of these movies and a nightmare before christmas has to be the best. Of course its not going to be scary to any person over the age of 13 but when i frist saw this movie i was 12 and it was terrifying to me. second would be hoccus pocus just because its one of those movies i watched as a kid over and over. then sleepy holo and lastly haloween, because really theres nothing scary about just a serial killer in a mask anymore, however rob zombies haloween was very scary and full of awesome twists.