Wednesday, November 2, 2011

December 2012. It's not just the end of the world anymore.

I know what you're doing right now. You're sitting, chilling out, reading my blog, thinking, "Gee, I'm sick of this blog. I wonder what Anne Hathaway is up to?" Well, I can tell you. She's up to ruining my life. In fact, everyone in Hollywood is up to just that.

They're taking my favorite novel, my favorite musical, my favorite play, and they're going to make a movie out of it.
Les Miserables the musical/movie comes out December 2012.

Call me pessimistic, but how can we dare be hopeful after the Phantom of the Opera debacle?

Jean Valjean - Hugh Jackman (I saw that horrible Oklahoma! with him in it, and he was really good.)
Javert - Russell Crowe (Really????)
Fantine - Uck. I don't even want to talk about it.
M. Thenardier - Geoffery Rush (who was great as Javert in the horrilbe film from the 90's.)
Mme. Thenardier - The always brilliant Helena Bonham Carter who should have just been cast as Fantine.
Marius - Eddie Redmayne (Tony award winner.)

The rest is unknown... at least it's unknown to me. I don't know... sometimes things are better left unknown.


  1. you didnt like the phantonm [of the opera, obv, the other was much better] movie too? I'm not alone!!!

  2. Grant, I don't know anyone who DOES like it....