Saturday, October 8, 2011

Somebody Kidnapped Jacob!!!

The first time I saw a poster for Abducted, I had to laugh. Is it not every teenage girl's dream to abduct Taylor Lautner?

Well, now I'm thinking a movie about a crazy fan stealing the guy who plays Jacob would have been a much better waste of my money. At least it might have been written better. This was one of the poorest written movies I've ever seen.

It should have just embraced that it was similar to The Bourne Identity, and just copied the movie word-for-word.

In short, this movie was very boring. I almost fell asleep. In fact, I would have, but I wanted to blog about it. Stupid blog.


  1. there are much better movies to waste your money on. the preview was only worth it, b/c we kept ending (or mocking and then ending) every line with "b/c I'm a werewolf!" at the top of our lungs. it still wasnt worth it.