Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My 2 Least Favorite Things Hit Broadway

Crappy musicals (I counted, there are a total of 15 musicals that I enjoy,) and prequels.

Disney commissioned a Peter-Pan prequel to hit up Broadway someday soon, according to Yahoo News (my third least favorite thing.) 

I mean, I really hate prequels, and place the blame entirely upon Lucas for their mere existence and recent popularity. Let's look at a list of prequels, and try our best to find ONE we like.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
If you look at the dates on the bottom of the screen, you may notice that Temple of Doom happens BEFORE Raiders of the Lost Arc. There doesn't seem to be a POINT to having the movie be a prequel, but what are you gonna do? We certainly can agree that Temple of Doom is the worst or second to worst Indiana Jones movie. 

Episodes I, II, and II
I don't think any of us want to get into how much these movies suck. Oddly enough, I have an obvious favorite. Yes! Episode II is my favorite horrible Star Wars prequel.

I'll note here, that I'm not counting Batman Begins or anything like that as a prequel. It's the first in a series, it's not going off of ANYTHING that had to do with the Tim Burton films of the 90's... it's not a prequel!

X-Men: First Class
Full of cheesy one-liners and underwear scenes; I already complained about this movie.

X-Men Beginnings: Wolverine
It was dull at times, and completely un-rewatchable, but it didn't make me want to burn down the theater after watching it.

Some consider the 2006 Casino Royale a prequel.... I think it's a reboot, but it certainly is closer to a prequel than Batman Begins. If I did consider this a prequel, it would be the greatest prequel ever. You would think that a James Bond prequel would have a million cheesy Bond jokes, "Get it!?! GET IT!?!?!?!" But it didn't. It had a FEW, but they, like Daniel Craig, were awesome.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Surprise!! If you weren't around in 1966, you might not have known that The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly came out AFTER A Fist Full of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is my favorite western, naturally. The acting is fantastic. There's nothing like a good man-man movie.

Red Dragon
Prequel to Silence of the Lambs. This movie was way better than its sequel friend Hannibal. NEVER see Hannibal. Just don't do it!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I can't think of any others right now. I invite you to complain about prequels you hate.


  1. boo. peter pan prequel? I mean the first 2 books were fine, the 3rd one that stupid childrens hospital destroyed the series. peter and the starcatchers was a much better series.

    woah, really? bashing on "chilled monkey brains", kalima, shortround, and the best mine cart action we've seen this side of donkey kong country? b/c the ewok movies were much worse.

    I would say E2 was the least bad prequel, but I've blocked them out of my head. now wheres the xmas special?

    bond/batman not prequels, fine with that.

    hate westerns moving on...

    have you seen the original red dragon? not the anthony hopkins remake? mind you, I only saw silence, and read hannibal (didnt like)

  2. after looking up prequels (section films) I have some added issues:
    the little mermaid 3. I've seen the first 2, the series got rave reviews, this one retcons the whole thing. it cant beat the tv series (itself a prequel).

    all the xmen movies were crap, and wolverine? I had more rage watching that movie than the character had his whole life (including alternate histories), they screwed him up so.