Monday, July 11, 2011

The Count of Monte Cristo

The MOVIE! not the delicious sandwich!! I know, I know, BIG disappointment. Sorry.

Anyway, so a guy named Edmond, (Jim Caviezel,) has just been named captain of a ship, gets engaged, and then BAM is betrayed by his "best friend" (Count Mondego, Guy Pearce) and imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. While in jail, he hooks up with a Priest (also known as Dumbledore, [Richard Harris,]) and escapes. He starts a life of piracy, makes a few friends, hunts down the "treasure of Sparta" on the island of... wait for it... Monte Cristo. He gives himself a title, then seeks elaborate revenge on all those who locked him away.

What gets me, is that he kills the warden of the jail; he drowns him. Yet, at the end he's all high and mighty and talking about how "God will give me justice." Um, wait a minute... didn't you kind of MURDER that guy? Uh, yeah, I think you did.

But whatever. It's still a great movie, just kind of... you know... hard to really feel that good at the end because of the whole, um... murder thing. I know, I know, I get caught up on the lamest things.

Another thing that bothers me is at the end Count Mondego insults his wife and neither her son nor Monte Cristo defend her honor. They just kind of stand there as if to say, "Hm, Yeah. I see your point." Dislike.

And because I've got you thinking about them, here's a monte cristo sandwich.


  1. the sandwich is delicious. watch the anime.

  2. What anime? Anime about the sandwich? ;) Do you have a link for us?

  3. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo is the anime. its essentially the count of monte cristo in space. it should do a good job of blowing oyur mind.

  4. Oh good. I need to have my mind blown.