Friday, December 27, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

"The Hobbit Part II"
There are things I like about this movie, and things I don't like.
I like that it includes Bard, my favorite character from The Hobbit, pictured here with Legolas.

I like Lost's Kate, as "She-Elf."
I like that it includes my favorite part of the hobbit, barrel dwarfs!
I do not like creepy-elf.
But I'll take creepy-elf over goofy-goblin (see the first Hobbit) any day.
And I like Smaug. He is amazing, but too scary. The last hour and a half of the movie didn't have any down time.

I need down time.

And the movie was far too long. This movie should have been one movie, two at most. Three is ridiculous.

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  1. I'm scared to see this because I love the Hobbit (book) and did not love the first movie. And creepy elf is the guy from Pushing Daisies, so I have to love him no matter what. Also, I'm glad Lost's Kate got another job. Good job, Kate.