Thursday, December 5, 2013

LIVE The Sound of Music

Or should we call it, "The Sound of Trained Professionals Weeping?" No? Perhaps, "The Sound of Julie Andrews Weeping?" No? "The Sound of Boonie Making Fun of It?" Or is that too literal? Well, whatever you want to call it, it's boring.

The acting is boring. The singing is boring. The set is boring. The script was boring. The costumes are boring. The BORING is BORING!

A lot of people on Twitter were getting their tighty-whities in twisty-whisties about how, "You can't compare the live show to the movie." I ask you, if not then what CAN you compare!?! That's like saying, "You can't compare apples to apples!" You absolutely CAN compare movie versions to other versions, whether they be plays, or books, or actual apples. If there's an apple version of The Sound of Music, you better believe I'm gonna compare it to this TV crappy one!

A few Twits suggested other classic musicals pop singers and country stars could botch up. And that was humorous.

As boring as it was, it was nice that NBC did something different. What else are you gonna get excited about? A crap-sap Christmas TV movie on Lifetime?

But now that it's over, someone please give Carrie Underwood a glass of water. Her throat must be KILLING her.

I prefer Brandy's Cinderella, (left.) Oh ya burnt!

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