Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Red II

Better than the first.

And the first wasn't bad!

And even though our friend Sarah is a complete ditz, she's so lovable that I can't help but to identify with her not as the "helpless woman" but as the "normal person representative."

Although, as far as axing the whole "damsel in distress" thing, they could have done a little bit better, but whatever.

Also, I really like Storm Shadow. Or, um Byung-hun Lee. So much so that I'm thinking of looking up every single movie he's ever been in and watching all of them, (except that first GI Joe again. Although, watching it and fast-forwarding [a term from the past that means to skip,] to all his scenes wouldn't be a bad idea.) Okay, let's see, ah, I see he's almost exactly 10 years older than I am. He gets bonus points for that. I'm so tired of actors being, like, younger than me and crap like that. It's like, come on Jennifer Lawrence. Way to be young. Whatever.

Anyway, near the end my husband kept going, "Why are they doing that?" "What are they doing?" And I kept saying, "I haven't known what was going on since this whole thing started." (I blame the ten month old climbing on us during the entire movie, as to why we couldn't follow the story.) But yet it was still enjoyable, fun, and exactly what I was hoping for. And I love the cast! Seriously, great cast.

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