Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Date Night 2

No, I didn't just go see a movie called Date Night II; While I wish I did, I'm actually posting a sequel post to the one I once posted about great movies to see on dates. The last time I did this I posted the greatest date movie in every genre.  But really, if you're going to a movie, and you want to take someone you like-like, then you're probably thinking you have to go see a romance, or *shudder* a romantic comedy, or WORSE crap-sap, while you really wish you could see something packed with action and death. (I'm talking to the ladies, obviously. I don't know why guys enjoy romantic comedies and crap like that so much. Or if they don't like them, why do they keep dragging ladies to them? Losers.)

So, here are some weally womantic action-packed movies.

(Tangent: Books that already have a HUGE fan following of women (Twilight, Hunger Games,) that decide to butch it up come movie time for "the guys" make me sick. Don't take out romance to make a movie more appealing to men. Don't aim for that "third heat" when the 2nd and 1st heat has made you rich.)

On to the actiony romance films!

1. Spider-Man II. Not only is this movie funny. It also has a WEDDING! Now pay attention, if a movie has a wedding in it chances are... it's ROMANTIC. (Yes, I'm including Braveheart.) Which brings me to my next movie...

2. Braveheart (above). The movie has "heart" in the title. Yes. It's romantic.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean. My GOODNESS this movie is full of romance... and fighting.

4. 28 Days Later (right). "That was longer than a heartbeat." Yep. Romance! ROMANCE I TELL YOU!

Now, here's a list that might be even MORE HELPFUL -

Action movies you THINK will be romantic but AREN'T!

1. GI Jane (left). How often do non-romance movies have female protagonists? Not very often. In fact, this one and Alice in Wonderland are really all I can think of.

2. Transformers III: Dark of the Moon. You might argue that this movie has romance in it, but I'm here to tell you this is one of the worst movies of all time, and whatever emotion it carries... is not love.

3. Cowboys Vs Aliens (right). Okay, YOU might not have thought this was going to have a lot of romance, but I kinda did, so BACK OFF! Granted, it had a wittle bit.

4. The Count of Monte Cristo. No. Wait. No. That's not right. Never mind.

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