Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

So typically my wife writes this blog, but I think I can fill in sometime for her.   I recently saw The Bourne Legacy and it is without a doubt one of the more disappointing movies I’ve seen all year long.  You want Romance?   There is maybe one or two sexy looks from Rachel Weise put in, but that’s it.   You want action?  Yeah it is there, but a boatload of action from Hawkeye (aka Jeremy Renner) isn’t exactly what makes the original movies the same.  What is it as a movie?
Think of a couple that doesn’t really love each other, but is forced together by some weird Bourne Drug to work together against, not only the CIA, but the “beta” version of Jason Bourne v 2.0.  Weird huh? 
Don’t get me wrong, Hawkeye and Rachel Weise are amazing. Edward Norton has a solid performance as well despite  him having like 4 scenes and just barking orders. But the movie doesn’t really end anything for the Bourne series, but is more of some awesome takes of Hawkeye using a sniper rifle instead of a bow.   What is my take?  Redbox might even be too much to pay.  Think Netflicks, or borrow from a friend.   The movie just doesn’t answer questions, and just has a semblance of a plot.  The movie has enough to whet the appetite, but not enough to feel satisfied.  

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  1. Now I know I don't need to spend my money on it. Thanks, Carl.