Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers

What's nice about Marvel is that, unlike DC movies, they can laugh at themselves, and invest some sense of humor into their movies. Half the movie wasn't heard because of audience laughter. It was down right distracting! I loved it.

Were parts slow? Absolutely. Was it filled with whole-hearted predictable goodness? For sure! Did ANYBODY care? Of COURSE not! 

I'm glad they FINALLY decided to give the Black Widow substance. I'm glad they found a way to make Hawk-Eye feel included. I'm also glad Natalie Portman wasn't in it. 

Does The Dark Knight Rises have anything to worry about? Absolutely not. But I fully and completely enjoyed The Avengers.

And now for a word about The Hulk. I've seen The Hulk, AND The Incredible Hulk which was supposed to be "just as good as Iron Man." And it even had Edward Norton in it! But I only liked The Hulk, in this movie. When he was just Mark Ruffalo, he was vulnerable and down-right suicidal, but when he was The Hulk he was a lovable spaz. Which brings me to my next analogy, Hulk is to The Avengers as Joey is to Friends. Alone, he is dull and boring, but with his friends he is entertaining as hell.

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  1. When the Hulk is well written (Peter David years) he is excellent. And sometimes he is hit with another gene altering gama bomb, made grey, weaker but with an attitude, and he becomes a bouncer for the mafia at a casino in Vegas.

    I'll show myself out.