Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dark Shadows

I've never seen a movie where the title was named after a complexion problem that was so much fun. (The movie was fun; dark circles under the eyes are not fun.)

It was full of actors I love. And that was nice. And it was nice seeing a more "classic" Johnny Depp character.

It wasn't the most story-driven movie ever. But it was cute and fun. It was not, however, suitable for children. Not just because of all the spooky ghosts, but it was quite dirty at times. At least I found it a bit dirty... and spooky.

Johnny Depp lives a long time ago. His love is murdered by a jealous witch who turns him immortal and buries him. He wakes in 1972, eats hippies, and protects his affected family. Based off the soap opera.

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