Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol

Unlike Mission Impossible II, and Mission Impossible III, (which are two of the five worst movies ever. [The other three are Batman and Robin, Men in Black II, and Avatar,) Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol, besides being a tad dull, is not a bad film. It doesn't follow the Rule of Fours, (which is that when a trilogy ads a fourth movie, it is the worst thing ever... usually. [See Batman and Robin.])

Ethan Hunt, (Tom Cruise,) teams up with a bunch of people and tries to save the world. A lot of stuff goes wrong, and requires our cast to improvise and be awesome. There's a lot of pointless excitement, but I can appreciate that it's at least exciting.

The beginning scene with Sawyer was the best part.

I liked the cast. Simon Pegg is awesome.

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  1. Yes, Simon Pegg is awesome.

    My wife and I recently sat down and watched all 4. But not in one night, are you mad? I order them 3, 4, 1, 2.

    2 was just pathetic. Granted, I knew it was a sequel to a meh movie, but still. I love Jon Woo but this was too cheesy even for him. I had to slap my forehead to get my eyes unstuck from such a big eye roll.

    1 was fun the first time and exciting but after the first time you see it, when the twists aren't surprising, its just Tom Cruise smiling at weird times, playing magic tricks. meh.

    4 was better than what I was expecting. But it wasn't much better than 1. I liked the attempted murder of his wife, thinking this was bringing some grief into his oddly joyful character, but no. She's alive and at the coffee shop. Oh yeah, spoilers! Sorry.

    Coming off the major disappointment of #2, 3 was a much better movie. It started with a bang, cooled off a little, and then proceeded to turn up the heat. Also had Simon Pegg, a little. Part of me thought they shot his wife. Good job, Hollywood! You got me! I just wish, just once, you could kill someone meaningful, in a movie, and have some tragedy instead of a closure filled happy ending. But that's Hollywood.