Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Extraordinary Similarities Between Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars

One might even think that Pirates of the Caribbean did it on purpose!

To start the comparison, let's look at character.

The blonde protagonist who is searching for a captured "princess like person" and the truth about his father - Will Turner/Luke Skywalker

The rouge/pilot/captain - Jack Sparrow/Han Solo

The lady - Elizabeth Swann/Princess Leia

Now, Pirates of the Caribbean had two sets of droids. A good set, and an evil set. Both sets came complete with their C-3PO character (the know-it-all,) and their more R2D2ish character, (the funnier one.)
C-3PO - Pintel (pirate) and Murtogg (Naval Man)
R2D2 - Ragetti (pirate) and Mullroy (Naval Man)

Now, plot wise - Will wants to rescue a lady, so he seeks out the help of a rouge "pilot." Together they stop the Empire, I mean the evil pirates, ("evil pirates?" Shouldn't that be redundant?) blow up the Death Star, I mean they steal back Jack's ship, and then they have a big ceremony at the end where they get medals. Okay, they don't get medals, and in fact Jack is almost hung, but what are you gonna do?

In the SECOND (and dreadful) Pirates of the Caribbean, they continue their Star Wars-eskness by putting the Jack/Han character in limbo at the end. Carbonite, Kraken... same thing.

Also notice how Jack Sparrow owes a DEBT to a squid-faced dude, (Davy Jones,) much in the same way Han Solo owes a debt to the slightly rotund Jaba the Hutt. What's with rouges and their debts to ugly guys?

(Look at this ridiculous picture of Han and Jaba. Why did Lucas feel the need to add this scene? It's so poorly done and unnecessary. Han doesn't even look like he's looking at Jaba. And what is Chewy doing? Waiting?!? If I were Chewy I'd be like, "I'm going inside while you talk to this guy." Then I'd go inside, grab a Coke, put my incredibly large feet up, and talk smack about Han and his debts to Luke and Obi Wan. Well... maybe just Luke since Obi Wan keeps holding people back. Captain Bring Down.)

I invite you to find other movies that are similar to Star Wars. Don't take Anacondas II; that one's spoken for.

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