Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love, Wedding, Marriage, Worst, Movie, Ever

To be more than fair, I didn't finish this movie; I couldn't! I wanted to so that I could complain about it, but OH GOSH!

I also wanted to finish the movie because a part of me is horrifically fascinated by bad rom-com... which is redundant.

The script was ridiculously terrible. Mandy Moore was... Mandy Moore. Even though it had a few all right actors, (and one from Twilight!!! Eeeeeeeee!!!!!) nothing could have saved this movie; it was doomed the moment the writer was conceived.

3 seconds into the film... I knew it was horrible. If you know that soon... that's a good sign that you should just turn it off and not waste any more time on it. I was foolish.

Jane Seymour was in it, and she's awesome. I "performed" with her when she narrated Disneyland's Candlelight a few years ago. She never calls; she never writes... I guess she's been too busy making this really bad movie. :(

It was directed by While You Were Sleeping actor Dermont Mulroney, who also directed... nothing, and it was written by Anouska Chydzik who also wrote... nothing, (but she was an assistant for The Wedding Date, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Death to Smoochy.) AND Caprice Crane who wrote two episodes of Melrose Place (the new one that I didn't even know existed,) three episodes of 90210 (the new one as well,) and a short called Passing the Time.

Wow. And here I am using my skills to write a blog for free. ;)

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