Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So You Might Be Dating Darth Vader....

Ever have those moments in those horrible relationships where red flags pop up and you think to yourself, "Wow. This dude I'm dating is EVIL"???

Well, if you haven't experienced this it might be because you've never dated anyone evil, OR it may be because all the men you've dated are horribly under-developed characters....

For example, let's look at the dreaded prequels. Padme dates Anakin and tiny red flags appear: like he's pro-dictatorships, he whines about Obi Wan holding him back, and he kills a bunch of sand people, (I've played KotOR. I mean, who HASN'T killed a bunch of sand people?!?)

Yet, "in real life," if he was one day going to be DARTH VADER, Padme would probably have started to see some more red flags pop up earlier on in their relationship - things worse than creating C3PO, I mean. Things like....

Well, he might tell Padme, "Our neighbors' dog got into our garden... so I choked it to death with the Force." Or, "Obi Wan really pissed me off today, you know, by holding me back. I just about choked him to death with the Force, because I love doing that, but he stopped me, you know, by holding me back." That would be a good sign. Or how about, "So, I was meditating in the Force and thinking about the future and I saw that I'm going to go evil, but then my son's going to change my mind and everything will be hunky dory at the end, so... I'm gonna go to a strip club. I'll see you later."

I invite you to make up some Anakin red flags of your own.


  1. That last part, about the strip club, was probably more about dating Tracy Jordan.

  2. Hahaha! You can tell I've been watching a lot of him lately.

  3. how about " i force lightening the neighbors kid because he kept walking on our lawn" totally a legit anwser for a sith.