Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tourist

Do I need to warn for spoilers? And is it a spoiler when the movie is painfully predictable? Anyway...

FYI, there's another movie out there that this is kind of mimicking, (although not as obviously as The Truth About Charlie.) The movie is Charade starring Audrey Hepurn and Carry Grant. If you haven't already seen it, go now. This can wait.

So, the cops are searching for Alexander because he owes back taxes, quite a bit of back taxes. Alexander is, as my nephew would say, Angelina Jolie's "friend." And Alexander likes his plastic surgery. His favorite past time is apparently getting a face change. So he sends a note to Angelina Jolie telling her to find a man on the train who fits his height and build, so as to lead astray the police. Angelina Jolie finds Johnny Depp, who, low and behold, an hour later turns out to be... wait for it... Alexander.

So, many of the reviews for this movie lay into it. But The Tourist wasn't that bad. Come on, guys. Ease up. It did use the highest paid female actor and the highest paid male actor, (a classic ploy to entice otherwise uninterested viewers.) But I swear it wasn't that bad. Sure, it dragged, it was filled with filler, and it was predictable....

Which brings me to today's lesson, brought to you by the letter P. Predictability! Join me in never being surprised again. When watching a movie and you find yourself curious as to what's going to happen at the end, ask yourself one simple question, "If the obvious answer isn't what I suspect it is, does the movie have a point anymore?" For example, if Johnny Depp isn't actually Alexander, then what's the point of movie? FURTHER TANGENT: For this purpose The Sixth Sense is brilliance. If Bruce Willis isn't dead, then the movie still has a point, and his character's wants remain the same as well - (which are to solve Haley Joel Osment's little problem, and to get his wife to speak to him again.) Only the whys change.

Anyway, The Tourist, now officially ruined for you, wasn't that bad.

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