Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vince Vaughn was only funny in Swingers

Don't look at me that way. You know I'm right. I mean, let's think about this.
1993 - Rudy - I don't remember him being in this movie. That ought'a mean something.
1994 - At Risk - I've never even heard of this movie.
1996 - Swingers - Awesome movie. Makes his career. He's hilarious.
1996 - Just Your Luck - Again, I've never heard of this movie.
1997 - The Lost World; Jurassic Park - This isn't exactly a comedy, though it is funny. He's not the funny part though.
We'll skip a few more movies I've never heard of and arrive at...
1998 - Psycho - Again, not a comedy.
2000 - The Cell - Not a comedy, just a really weird J. Lo movie.
2001 - Made - I don't think I saw this movie. Is it not Swingers II? The revenge of Swingers or something?
2003 - Old School - Not funny. Just crude. If I wanted crude I'd watch... just about everything else.
2004 - Starsky and Hutch - Forgetable.
2004 - Dodgeball - Boring-ball.
2005 - Be Cool - Gosh, I hate this movie. Should be called "Try Harder." (I think I wrote that in a previous blog.)
2005 - Mr. and Mrs. Smith - This movie is so vanilla. Can we get some characters in here, please? Vince Vaughn is nice in this movie, but... he's no Trent.
2005 - Wedding Crashers - I didn't see Wedding Crashers. Was it any good? Oh really? Shocking.
2006 - The Break-Up - Who wants to see a movie about people breaking up? Breaking up sucks, and so does this movie.
2007 - Fred Claus - Oh yeah, like I actually paid money to see this movie?
2008 - Four Christmases - He's just not funny anymore.
2008 - Couples Retreat - He's trying so hard. Sharks just aren't funny.

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