Monday, November 11, 2013

Thor: The Dark World

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, although it had too much Portman in it for my tastes... and not "good" Portman... except... I'm not sure what "'good' Portman" is. Hmm.
But I don't want to spend this whole post complaining about Natalie Portman. What I'd rather do is point out how great Sif (Jaimie Alexander) is. I'm not saying she's the greatest thing ever, but people are talking about her playing Wonder Woman, and that would okay!

So, here's the movie, Thor, for some crazy reason, misses Jane, (bad Portman,) and she misses Thor. She searches for Thor and instead finds Venom, or, um, aether, which uses her as its host. Meanwhile, this dark elf guy wants the aether and can sense where it is. Thor brings her to Asgard, and the elf dude attacks, killing someone dear to Thor. Thor enlists the help of Loki, and defies the wishes of his father, Odin the King, and together, with Jane, they go to stop Mr. Elf Guy, or, Malekith, (Christopher Eccleston,) rather.
So, the movie is 3 parts Thor I, 1 part Spider-Man III, 1 part Dr. Who.

I liked it.

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