Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super 8

Originally I didn't see this movie because I don't do horror films, (if you haven't noticed.) Actually, originally I thought this movie was about a cheap hotel chain. It's not THAT Super 8! It's titled after the film. These Goonie-iesk kids see a monster that's attacking a town via super 8 film. Apparently that's the only way to see the monster, but that's not exactly true. So, I'm a little confused about why it's named that.

Okay, I'm actually confused about why the movie is a movie at all. I had heard that this was a good movie... it's slow... and the slowness is lasting. It's never scary.

I do like the characters and the relationships, and who doesn't love films set in the 70's? But... this one gets a huge "meh" for me, my friends. A "meh" this big:


Sorry. That's about the largest "meh" I could make on Blogger.

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