Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"You've Ruined the Show, GOB"

I'm going to hurl Arrested Development Season 4 into the sea. "Return from whence you came!" style. For it has gravely disappointed me.

For starters, there was no Franklin.

And for enders, there was no humor. I found it kind of funny when Lindsey's boyfriend had face blindness, but even that got old quick.

They reused old jokes, and they didn't even reuse them well. It felt that they had written the entire thing in 12 days, and that they were different writers.

The whole season is a "this is what they've been up to," recap that all comes up to and ends on "Cinco de Quatro," or what is supposed to mean the 4th of May, but actually means the Fifth of Fourth. (Is it hilarious that they don't know the first thing about Spanish when they live so close to Mexico? I'm not sure. It might be kind of funny. But it's not enough to be the funniest thing about the entire season, and it kind of is.)

Each episode is dedicated to a different Bluth, detailing why and how said Bluth has changed. Sometimes other Bluths aren't even in an episode, and sometimes the episode is so completely dull because said person's story line is SO BORING.

And I hated how they all changed. They were all pretty much the exact opposite of who they had been before. (Now, of course, this means I actually liked Maeby better, because I never liked Maeby before.)

All in all... it was slightly interesting, but not funny... ever.

(And you think, "Oh finally, a GOB episode!" Nope. Still not funny.)

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