Thursday, June 27, 2013

Man of Steel

The beginning was cheesy, had cheese-ball dialog, and looked like something that crawled its way out of Episode I. Eep!

But don't go running for the hills yet, because once Krypton burns, the movie gets a lot better.

I didn't like Zod. Not once did he demand anyone kneel. I also didn't care for the actor playing Zod.

They made a lot of changes to the Superman cannon, but The Dark Knight Rises strays from the Batman cannon, and nobody cares.

I liked it.

It did have a LOT of shaky cam. It was kind of ridiculous.


Jor El is all like, "Dude Zod. You suck." And Zod is like, "No. You suck." Then Jor El goes and steals this skull and sends Kal El, (Superman,) away with it to Earth, 'cause, guess what? Krypton is about to explode. And half an hour later, it finally does. Then Clark Kent, (Superman,) is all like, "Oh I'm going to save all these people and keep changing my ID as I do so." And his flashbacks are all like, "I'm Clark Kent and I'm gonna save your butt! Oh I should probably stop doing that because then you'll know I'm totally awesome, and we can't have that." Then he goes to this cave and finds a spaceship and, guess what, Lois Lane is there. She finds out this dude has special powers, and he finds out where he comes from. Then she tracks him down and finds out he's Clark Kent, the way a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist would, right? Then Clar
k figures out he can fly, and such. Then Zod is like, "Gimme!" And Clark is like, "Okay, I'll go with you." And Lois is like, "Yeah. I'll go too. Why not? I've got nothing else going on." Then the rest of the movie happens and you'll just have to see it to believe it!

Keep your eyes peeled for a glimps of Chunky Girl!

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