Friday, June 21, 2013

Disney Animated Movies and their Lack of Moms

I think only Dumbo, Bambi, Wendy, and Aurora were lucky enough to have moms, (and Anastasia and Drizella,of course.) But let's find out.

Now, keep in mind, Step-mother's don't count because they are ALWAYS EVIL!

Snow White - no mom
Does anyone else in the movie have a mom? NO.

Pinocchio - no mom
Does anyone else in the movie have a mom? No. Which might be why everyone in that movie was so horrible!

Dumbo - Dumbo had a mom. She got arrested and went to jail, thanks to a major anger management issue. Then cue the SADDEST song in Disney history. I get panic attacks just thinking about it, although it's gorgeous. ("Baby Mine.")

Bambi - Bambi had a mother, and we all know how THAT turned out.

Cinderella - Only Anastasia and Drizella had a mom.

Alice in Wonderland - She MIGHT have a mom. But no one else does.

Peter Pan - Wendy and her brothers have a mom, and that's it... which is kind of the point.

Lady and the Tramp - the baby has a mother,and Lady becomes a mother. Oh, spoiler alert!

Sleeping Beauty - Aurora pretty much has four mothers.

101 Dalmatians - 1 mom. She's a dog.

The Sword in the Stone - void of mothers

The Jungle Book - no parents to speak of!The Aristocats - they're cats.

Robin Hood - There's a bunny mom. She says things like, "Stop! My baby!" Then the baby goes, "Mama! Mama! Wait for me!" And the audience goes, "OH MY HOLY HECK! LITTLE JOHN! GET THAT BABY!"

The Rescuers - Penny finally gets - SPOILER - adopted. So, at the end she gets a mom.

The Black Cauldron - Ghergi doesn't have a mom, and neither does anyone else.

Oliver and Company - no

The Little Mermaid - no

Rescuers Down Under - no

Beauty and the Beast - Chip has a mom.

Aladdin - no

The Lion King - YES! Simba has a mom!!!!!!

Pocahontas - NO

A Goofy Movie - NO

Toy Story - yes. Andy has a mom. Shoot, even Sid has a mom.

James and the Giant Peach - no

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - she dies. Frollo kills her at the beginning. (I'm not going to warn you about spoilers if it happens in the first three seconds!) Although, in the BOOK, these gypsies abandon their baby hunchback, and Frollo, out of the kindness of his heart, takes him in. Meanwhile, the gypsies steal a baby, (Esmeralda,) from a woman whose only crime was being nice. They don't tell you that in the movies.

Hercules - Hera is... wait for it... Hercules's mom!

Mulan - Mulan totally has a mom!

A Bug's Life - Yes. The queen has two kids!

Tarzan - Yes... kind of. However, Jane doesn't have a mom.

The Emperor's New Groove - there is a mom in it.

Monsters Inc - no

Lilo and Stitch - no

Finding Nemo - she bites the bullet in the beginning

The Incredibles - yes

Cars - no

Enchanted - no

Up - no

Rapunzel - no

So, as you see, hardly any Disney movies have moms. So sad.

Now back to doing useful stuff!


  1. Pretty sure snow white has a mom. She died and dad got remarried.

    Baby mine is a bullet train to tearsville.

    That's Alice's sister

    Wendy became a mom to the lost boys

    prince Phillip has a mom too!

    Sword in the stone has a dearth of women in general.

    Unsurprisingly, the whole book series of which The Black Cauldron is #2, is devoid of mothers as well.

    Lion king-nala becomes a mom

    A goofy movie Pete's wife is mother to PJ and his sister.

    Hera is absolutely not Hercules mother. Zeus had him from an affair, since we're going to say how the stories are wrong.

    With Up! Its so much meaner than 'no'.

    Rapunzel had 2 women she called mom. Also, the show is called tangled.

    It is sad, moms are awesome!

  2. Christian Bale's mom is in the beginning of Pocahontas.

  3. Grant, you don't see Snow White's mom in the movie. I know that's Alice's sister, but she probably has a mom, you don't see her. Wendy acting as a mom doesn't count. You never see Prince Phillip's mom. Nala DOES become a mom. Good call. You never meet Pete's wife in the movie. I KNOW that Hera isn't Hercules's mom, but in the Disney movie, she is. Rapunzel did have a mom, you're right. I called it Rapunzel because them calling it Tangled was stupid. ;)

    Stephanie, you're right! That is his mom right? It could have been his sister's family. But it was probably his mom.