Sunday, February 26, 2012

Morning Glory

Maybe it was because I had just woken up from a 3 hour Sunday nap, but what I thought was going to be a terrible snore-fest, actually turned out to be one enjoyable movie. At times I actually laughed out loud, as did my husband.

Becky, (Rachel McAdams,) turns a terrible morning show into a success despite an impossible new co-host, Harrison Ford. Diane Keaton plays his co-host, and she actually wasn't horrible at all.

Rachel and Harrison made this movie work. They made the parts that were important pop, and they never hooked up like they would have if they were Jessica Biel and someone horribly older than her, like, oh, say Nicholas Cage.

I actually recommend you watch this movie next time you wake up from a 3 hour Sunday nap. Ignore the way the previews make it seem like a disaster movie.

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