Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

So, my first thought is "Wow, this music is trying really hard to be Danny Elfman's music from the first trilogy, only it's awful."

My second thought was, "This flash-back scene sucks. Why is Peter Parker's mom only partially upset about leaving her only son behind? I'm more worked up about leaving my only son home with the babysitters while I watch this movie. I guess they didn't really love Peter, to not be torn up about leaving him forever."

So, that's how we started the movie. I'll say this movie wasn't bad. I thought the dialog was pretty awful, but not noticeably awful where someone off the street who knows nil about dialog would be like, "that was awful." But I, who have studied dialog, noticed. The mediocrity hit me hardest when Max/Electro was on screen. I love Jamie Foxx, but in the first three seconds of being on camera he has to tell us he's a nobody. Come on! Can't we find out another way? People don't usually declare their nobody-status that easily to celebrity strangers. Another review likened him to Jim Carrey's The Riddler in Batman Forever, but in Batman Forever The Riddler didn't have to tell us he was a nobody. That fact was loud and clear. (Is it sad when Batman Forever is showing you up?) It's just not exactly subtle.

And can we trade in Leo DiCaprio Jr. and get James Franco back, please? It's not that Baby Leo sucks, it's just that James Franco was SO MUCH BETTER. (Seriously, why are we doing these movies again? Is it just to replace Kristen Dunst's Mary Jane with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy?)

Then the movie ended and another movie with another theme started. And that was my major beef with this movie. It was either too long or too short. It was complete and incomplete at the same time. It felt rushed. The script should have been reworked 900 more times.

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