Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Villain Idol: Round 2: Top 6

Hans and Gaston were tied for first. Scar and Dr. Facilier are tied for last.Ursula and Mother Gothel hold firm... for some weird reason.

Our top six is:

Mother Gothel
Dr. Facilier

Which means we say so long to...
Frollo who sings the greatest villain song ever.
Jafar who has MASTERED the evil laugh.
Oogie Boogie who sings an amazing, and inventive song.
Shere Khan who sings one of the lowest notes I have ever heard.

The scores tonight were:

Gaston 43
Ursula 30
Mother Gothel 19
Scar 14
Dr. Facilier 14
Shere Khan 10
Frollo 6
Oogie Boogie 4
Jafar 3

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