Monday, May 26, 2014

Round 5: 2 Left

Our votes ended tonight with:
Jack 40
Quasimodo 37
Aladdin 36
Gaston 33
Willie the Whale 12
Scar 10
So, we said ta-ta to Aladdin, Gaston, Willie, and Scar. 

I give you, our final two:

Here are some bios of these fine voices, so you can make an informed decision.

Jack Skellington

You might recognize his speaking voice as Prince Humperdink from The Princess Bride. But you might recognize his singing voice from Oingo Boingo. Front man Danny Elfman, (world famous for not just the band, but for composing thousands of movie scores and theme songs including The Simpsons, the 90's Batman theme, most Tim Burton movies including The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.)

What I love about Danny Elfman's voice is that he makes the melody come to life. Danny Elfman is known for utilizing the voice as an instrument, and his own voice is no exception.

I heard he cast himself as Jack's singing voice after having listened to far too many auditions that didn't get it right, so he said, "I'll do it myself." And boy did he!

Here's my favorite song he sings: Jack's Lament (1:53 is my favorite part.)


Tom Hulce both sings and speaks for our cuddly hunchback, but you might recognize him as Mozart in the 8 Oscar winning 1984 movie Amadeus. (One of those Oscars going to Mr. Hulce himself.) Tom Hulce also performs on Broadway.

Here's my favorite song that Quasimodo sings: Heaven's Light. (Let it play to also get Frollo's Hellfire.)

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